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Why We Started Elle Rêve

Never did I think that at the age of 23, I would be starting a business with my mom. I thought I would be married now or having kids. However, I grew up and plans changed. I read an article that a friend shared on Facebook the other day and it seemed so fitting for my life right now. It was about God saying “no” to things you wanted or prayed for. That article made me feel so many emotions, but mainly it reaffirmed everything that I am doing right now. There have been so many times in my life where I wanted something so badly but the answer was no, because that was not my life’s plan. I will link the article for you all to read because I don’t want this to become too long.

Back to why we started! My mom and I have been talking about opening this type of business now for a few years and finally she said, “Why don’t we just do it? We have nothing to lose.” I needed her to push me to believe more in myself and believe that I could do something this challenging and something that is so rewarding for me. Our business name is Elle Rêve and it means “she dreams” in French. If you only knew how long we struggled to come up with a name! But when my sister told us this, it just made sense.

We have a dream to create a space where women want to come, where they feel welcomed, where they feel empowered, where they feel beautiful, and where they want to come back. These are reasons why we love what we do. We love to make people feel good about themselves, because what makes someone else’s day, makes our day as well. I will continue to blog about our journey and things we think will make your day, or things that you will enjoy. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on all things Elle Rêve!

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