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Brand Feature: Colourpop Cosmetics

As per the request of Kelsey Harrington, I decided to share with you guys more about one of my favorite makeup brands. One of the reasons why I love Colourpop so much is because of their price point! Super affordable, but it is still a high quality product. Currently in my makeup collection I have five of their lip colors and three of their highlighters. I think I want to try their brow products and eye shadows next. However, I'm not sure I can give up my ride or die Anastasia Beverly Hills products for my brows! But enough of my ramblings, let's get to the good stuff, the makeup!

Here are the lip colors that I have from Colourpop! Sadly the first two on the right are a little older so the label has rubbed off of them, but I guarantee they are definitely Colourpop ;)

From left to right: Ultra Metallic Lip in Flitter, Ultra Glossy Lip in Wolfie, Ultra Glossy Lip in My Jam, Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper, and Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless.

This is the Ultra Metallic Lip in Flitter. I love the way this one feels! When it dries, it almost feels like there in nothing on your lips. Plus it's a fun color with the gold sparkle on top. [Lip product linked]

This gloss is probably my new obsession, it is My Jam (literally)! I am all about the metallic look apparently. I think this gloss is fun for day or night and looks great with a subtle or dramatic eye look. [Gloss linked]

I never thought I would go for a gloss this dark, but I just couldn't resist when I saw it online. It is perfect for fall without it being too dark. This one is called Wolfie. [Gloss linked]

I originally bought this matte lip because I loved the way it looked on Amanda Ensing, one of my favorite bloggers! However, I am quite fair so it looks a lot darker on me. I do love this shade though. These matte lips are truly long lasting and only $6.00! [Lip linked]

Last year I was obsessed with mauve shades, and to be honest, I still am! This shade is called Clueless and dries down to a really pretty dark mauve shade on me. I have tried it out on girls with darker skin tones and it looks just as great! [Lip linked]

I wanted to show some pictures of what the lip color looked like with the makeup I had on to show that you can truly wear these lip colors with any eye look. This is the gloss in My Jam.

This is the Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless, again works well with softer eye makeup like I have on here. But I have also worn it with more dramatic eyes as well.

Next Up Highlighters: My only complaint I have about the highlighter was that they came broken, so I didn't take any pictures of the products. I only took pictures of the swatches. I can't complain though because they are still great products and they were only $8.00 each. What is really nice about the highlighters is that they are almost a cream to powder finish so they are really blendable and pretty much just melt into the skin. I have been applying all of these with my fingers and blending them out with a beauty blender to try and get them to look diffused and natural on the skin.

These were a little hard to photograph, but then again that could be my total lack of knowledge when it comes to my Canon. This shade is called Might Be. I used it initially as an eyeshadow because it was too dark for my skin tone to use as a highlighter. However, I used it on clients that are darker complected than me and it looks amazing. [Highlighter linked]

This is the shade Flexitarian and I have found that it looks nice on almost every skin tone. It will be pretty bright on darker skin tones, but still pretty. [Highlighter linked]

This shade was the hardest to photograph for me because it is such a soft color that is really natural. This shade is called Spoon and it just gives the right amount of glow without being too overdramatic. [Highlighter linked]

This ended up being a longer post, but I hope that you all enjoyed it and hopefully will try some of Colourpop's products. They are some of my absolute favorites and I have absolutely no complaints about them so far, well other than the fact that my highlighters came broken. But even though they were broken, I was able to overlook it because I loved the colors so much! Thanks so much for reading, stay tuned for our next post!

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