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Preview of a Circuit Class

Cheri and I wanted to share what one of our circuit training classes are like. We hope that it will inspire you to take one of our classes or to utilize some of the exercises that we put together at home! For the circuit classes they are made up of three different rounds with three exercises in each round. To give you a better idea of what we mean we have taken pictures of each exercise and will explain them a little better.

Round #1

*Each exercise will be performed first for 60 seconds, then 45, and then 30 seconds. But make sure to do the round in its' entirety before working your way down to shorter time increments.

Exercise 1: Fast Mountain Climbers with Sliders

Start in a plank position with a barrel.

Then alternate each leg in a mountain climber stance going at a moderate to fast pace.

Exercise 2: 3X Crunches

Start on your back with the legs at tabletop with the hands behind the head.

Crunch up slowly making sure to hit three separate levels. Essentially it is almost like crunching up a little at a time until you reach a full crunch, then slowly lower yourself back to your starting position

Exercise 3: Single Leg Slides with Sliders

Starting in a narrow squat position, the right leg will be working first to slide straight back until glutes engage, then pull the leg back to starting position.

For this exercise, cut the time in half for each leg. For example, when you are working on 60 seconds do 30 seconds on your right leg and 30 seconds on your left leg.

Round #2

Exercise 1: Lunges with a medicine ball

Starting position is all weight centered holding a medicine ball around ab height.

First lunge to the front.

Next lunge side.

Finally, lunge back. All of the lunges are on the same leg for half of your time increment before you switch to the opposite leg.

Exercise 2: Side V Crunches

Start in a side plank position, with toes to the corner of the mat. Legs are not straight out from the midsection.

Next crunch up to work the oblique muscles. Like the previous exercise, this will be performed for half of the time increment before switching to the next side.

Exercise 3: Up, Up, Down, Down Planks

Start in a plank position with forearms on the mat.

Push to a plank position on the hands, one arm at a time.

Then lower back down to your forearms, and repeat!

Round #3

Exercise 1: Crab walk with ankle tubing

Start in a deep squat.

Step three times to the right, then three times to the left while maintaining a deep squat. Do this within your time increment!

Exercise 2: Half roll back with a twist with a medicine ball

Start with knees flexed and ankles crossed. Roll your lower back towards the mat so your upper body feels like you are leaning back, but keep your spine curved.

Then lower the medicine ball to the right and alternate sides for your entire time increment.

Exercise 3: Curtsey lunges with hand weights

For the first 60 second increment you will do bicep curls, alternating which leg lunges behind you.

For your 45 second increment, you will do a tricep press back still alternating which foot lunges behind you.

And finally you will delt raise for the 30 second time increment while continuing to alternate which foot lunges backward.

We hope you enjoyed this small preview of one of the circuit classes that we offer. Keep in mind that each class has a warm up, and a cool down with stretching at the end of class. For more info about the kinds of classes that we teach, be sure to visit our website!

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