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Gold Jewelry

I went to the Kendra Scott in Kansas City last weekend to buy myself a little birthday present, and I am absolutely obsessed with their newest collection. I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because most of the necklaces are adjustable. I really like that her jewelry all looks great layered, so in this post I wanted to show you some of the pieces and what they look like together! Only one of the necklaces in this post is new, and the others are from other Kendra Scott collections. However, she has a lot of jewelry that is pretty similar that I will link.

This is the Debra Choker in gold, I just love being able to wear it at different lengths. [Necklace linked]

Here is a back view to show you just what I mean about making it any length that you want!

I love that you can stack the necklaces anyway that you want. The top choker is from another collection but there is a very similar one that I will link. [Similar top choker linked]

Another top necklace from another collection but Kendra Scott has pieces that will look good with everything. I will link a similar necklace. [Similar top necklace linked]

I love that you can even stack all three. There is a necklace on Kendra Scott's website right now that is even more beautiful than the top one and I like it even better than the one in this picture. I will link it! [Similar top necklace linked]

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