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Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey everyone! My mom and I thought it would be a nice idea to compile a list of things that would make great Christmas gifts after a friend of hers gave us the suggestion. Shopping for Christmas can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have no ideas to go off of. We created this list first and we will also be making one with beauty specific products. Now if only someone would do all the shopping for you ;) If you don't enjoy Christmas shopping that much we have got you covered. We are willing to be your elves this year, just contact us for more information! Hope you enjoy!

1. Slippers & a Cozy Blanket

We love a warm pair of slippers in the winter. These ones are from Pottery Barn and for such a good price at only $23. [Slippers linked]

We both love grey so these ones from Anthropologie stood out to us. They also look like they have a hard bottom which is a major plus! These are only $58.00. [Slippers linked]

A super cozy blanket for winter is a must! This one is from Amazon and you can pick pretty much any color that you could want. It is also a great price at only $29.99. [Blanket linked]

These blankets from Ugg are the real deal. While they are on the pricier side, they are so worth it. If you REALLY love the person you want to give this to you can't go wrong with this blanket. Like the blanket from Amazon, this one also comes in a variety of colors. The blanket is $98.00. [Blanket linked]

2. A necklace with meaningful geographical coordinates or a state outline necklace.

We love that these can be completely personalized. Gifts with meaning usually are the most fun to receive. Plus it's nice to support Etsy shops, make sure to read all the way through this shop's page for instructions on how to personalize. This necklace from ShopBellsAndWhistles starts at $38.00. [Necklaces linked]

Dainty necklaces are just a few of our favorite things. These make great gifts even if you don't want one of Nebraska! This one is from Etsy as well and you get to choose the metal type and length! The seller is diyjewelry and it is only $9.99. [Necklace linked]

3. A fun water bottle

These Hydro Flasks are really unique and cool because they can be completely customized. They also have ones that are already made as well if you don't know what your recipient would like. Their price ranges depending on if you customize them or not. [Customizable ones linked]

You can never go wrong with a S'well bottle! These come in a few different sizes and so many fun patterns. This one was one of our favorites. For 17 oz it is $35.00. [Bottle linked]

4. A Funny Book

I have been dying to read this book! I read "Nice Is Just a Place in France" and thought it was hilarious. These books from The Betches make it easy and fun to read for those who don't always enjoy it. This one is $16.88. [Book linked]

5. Capri Blue Candles

We love getting candles! Burning them in the winter is one of our favorites, you can't go wrong with a Volcano from Capri Blue either. Their website has so many different options of what to get too. This one is $30.95. [Candle linked]

6. Pjs

I have always loved Pjs for Christmas. My favorites have always come from Aerie. This pair is a cute waffle romper. There are so many options on their website. This romper is $34.95. [Romper linked]

7. Wallet with a Gift Card to their favorite restaurant inside

These make for such practical gifts. This one from Rebecca Minkoff can hold a cell phone and all your cards. Plus it is on sale for $30.00 right now. It also comes in brown. [Wallet linked]

8. Overnight/Weekend Bag

I am always on the hunt for a new overnight bag that is functional but still cute. I found this one online from Deux Lux and it is good sized for a great price. Only $155.00. [Bag linked]

I love this shade of pink and was so excited to find that they made a tote in this color. This is also from Deux Lux and retails for $75.00. [Bag linked]

I wanted to include this Tory Burch bag just because I thought it was adorable. I know it would be a total splurge for some with the price tag at $295.00, but maybe if someone was really good this year! [Bag linked]

9. Bluetooth Headphones

With the new iPhone not having a headphone jack, these make the perfect gift for those with the iPhone 7 or even those who just want a nice pair of bluetooth headphones. I did some research and these seem to have the longest battery life, 40 hours. They retail at $299.95 which is less than the Bose ones. [Headphones linked]

In case you don't want to spend $299.95 on headphones, these ones from Skull Candy are $199.99. These seemed to be a nice alternative to the Beats ones. [Headphones linked]

10. Snow Boots

These boots from Sorel will be a great addition to your closet when there is snow on the ground. Not only are they extremely warm, they are comfortable, and waterproof. These retail at $150.00. [Boots linked]

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