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How to Style OTK Boots

In case you're wondering, OTK stands for over the knee. It is one of my absolute favorite trends from this fall season. Add suede to those boots and I'm sold. I recently received a pair for my birthday and have been looking for ideas to show all of you on how to wear them. A lot of the outfits I saw on Pinterest were so easy to duplicate and I didn't have to look further than my own closet. So without further ado, here are my favorite looks.

This outfit makes for a super casual look. The top is just a simple lace up top from Pac Sun, the jeans are Kancan brand, and the boots are Chinese Laundry. A similar top that I linked is almost identical and only $14.99. [Similar top linked]

These jeans are one of my favorite pairs. I think they are one of the most comfortable ones I have. I originally got them from The Buckle and they have a similar pair on their website in the same brand for $64.95. [Similar jeans linked]

I was initially worried that these boots would be uncomfortable because they have a heel, but since it is a block heel it didn't bother me at all. I got them in a size 7 and I feel like they fit perfectly. They are also on sale for $99.99 [Boots linked]

This top is from The Loft, but I found one that is almost the exact same from Nordstrom. The top is $79.00. [Nordstrom top linked]

I bought this vest last year and haven't worn it much, however, I feel like dusters are really in this season. The one shown is from Francesca's but I found one from Buckle that is similar and only $34.95. [Buckle vest linked]

I love the way the boots pair with a flowy dress. This one is from Mesh and has a mock neck, but the button on mine fell off while we were taking pictures! Luckily it came with a back-up button and I just sewed it right back on. The dress is only $64.00 and I got it in a small. [Dress linked]

This look is so easy to recreate! All you need is a pair of distressed jeans and a plaid shirt. My jeans are my favorite pair from Flying Monkey, they are from last year but I am linking a pair from The Buckle that are pretty similar. [Flying Monkey jeans linked]

This shirt is from The Buckle, but again, from last season. You can find plaid just about anywhere. It all depends on what color you are wanting. I am linking one from Gap that is really cute and on sale for $43.99. [Gap plaid linked]

These are just a few ways to wear OTK boots! If you need inspiration for outfits, try Pinterest. There are so many different outfit options on their site. As always, I hope you liked this post. Stay tuned to our site and Facebook for more!

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