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Affordable Eyeshadow

I wanted to write today about all of the new eyeshadow that I recently purchased from the company Makeup Geek. I have been wanting to order eyeshadow from them for probably two years now and I finally broke down and bought myself a bunch. I probably went a little over board because I got 23 shadows. But they are so reasonably priced! That is another reason I wanted to share them with you all because of their price point and quality.

I think the biggest hang-up for me was that it can be hard to order eyeshadow online when you can't see it in person. But something I love about the Makeup Geek shadows is that you can buy them all individually so you know they will be shadows you will use. I find that when I buy palettes that are already created, I end up using the same four shades over and over and then the rest never really get used. Anyway, on to the makeup!

So here are all of the eyeshadows that I chose. I also bought the palette to put them in ($20), because they come packaged individually. Each shade is only $6, except for the foiled shades, those are $10. [Eyeshadow Linked]

Here is a little closer look at the shadows I ordered. I will also put what their names are in case you want to purchase them for yourselves. Top row (R to L): Shimma Shimma, Baby Face, Beaches & Cream, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brûlée, Bake Sale, Frappe. 2nd Row: Confection, Petal Pusher, Cupcake, Tan Lines, Lucky Penny, Vintage, Cocoa Bear. 3rd Row: Bedrock, Prom Night, Bandwagon, Twilight, Bitten, Americano. Last Row (Foiled): Starry Eyed, In The Spotlight, Grandstand.

These three have been my absolute favorites lately. The top shades are Tan Lines and Bake Sale and the bottom is Lucky Penny. One thing I love about these shadows is the color payoff and pigmentation is amazing. They are so easy to blend out too.

If you are unsure about creating your own palette, Makeup Geek also has some pre made palettes as well. I recommend the Fall 2016 Signature Bundle or the Autumn Glow palette. They both make for a great starter palette.

An eyeshadow look I created using my favorites at the moment!

This is using all three of my favorite shades: Bake Sale, Tan Lines, and Lucky Penny.

I hope you guys liked this post, and if you did be sure to comment and let us know! We love your feedback. I am also thinking of making this a YouTube video, let me know if you would like to see it! Thanks again for reading, enjoy your day!

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