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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I loved putting together our Christmas gift guide so much that I wanted to do another one for Valentine's Day as well. Whether you are getting a gift for your girlfriend, sister, or friend this list will hopefully help! I also tried to stay within a theme of all pink, sorry if you hate pink but I love it. I will make sure to link all of the products in this post so you can easily find them, enjoy!

1. Lip Set

This lip set from Sigma comes with everything you need to create the perfect pink pout! It comes with a liner, lip crayon, lipstick and a gloss. There are so many different looks you can create with this! Lip Set: $49.00. [Set linked in picture]

2. Leggings

I just got these leggings from Athleta and I am obsessed! They are so comfortable, form fitting and they have pockets. Pockets are always a plus in my book! Leggings: $69.00. [Leggings linked in picture]

3. Mittens/Hat Combo

With cold weather still upon us in Nebraska, I think that mittens are a great gift idea. These ones from Rebecca Minkoff are super cute too. Mittens: $48.00. [Mittens linked]

Beanies are still a popular item, and this one from American Eagle is perfect for the winter. Hat: $15.95. [Hat linked]

4. PJs

I love getting pjs as gifts and Forever 21 has an amazing selection of pjs for reasonable prices! This sleep shirt is $15.90. [Shirt linked]

I'm a sucker for a good set, and I love this one, also from Forever 21. Pj set: $22.90. [Set linked]

Every pair of pjs I picked are from Forever 21! They are just too cute and reasonably priced. These ones are $14.90. [Set linked]

5. Adidas Shoes

I absolutely love my Adidas shoes that I wear with athletic clothes, jeans, you name it! I thought these ones were equally as cute, especially if you like pink! Shoes: $79.99. [Shoes linked]

6. Jewelry

I have always wanted a Tory Burch wrap bracelet. I have probably drooled over these bracelets for a few years now. I think they would make a great gift! Bracelet: $125.00 [Bracelet linked]

Another cute, but more affordable option is this cute charm bracelet from Michael Kors. I am obsessed with dainty jewelry so this one is right up my alley. Bracelet: $75.00. [Bracelet linked]

7. Phone Case

My cousin recently showed me the website Redbubble, and they have so many neat things on their site! I really like all of their phone cases because they are so unique. And this pink marble one really speaks to me because I can't get enough of marble patterned things. Case: $24.58. [Case linked]

I also love shoes, and wish that I could have a pair of these Valentinos. But until that day comes, I guess I will just stick to a phone case of them. Case: $41.66 [Case linked]

And just like I drool over Valentino shoes, I also love Celine handbags. I have a champagne taste I suppose. This case is also from Redbubble and is $41.66. [Case linked]

8. Pop Socket

For those who don't know what a pop socket is, it is a little disk attached to an accordion that sticks to the back of your phone that makes it a little easier to hold, and if I am being honest, scroll through Instagram in bed. I got one for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I thought this one from their website was funny, especially if you get picky about your phone. Pop socket: $10.00. [Pop socket linked]

This rose gold and aluminum one would be perfect if you already have a pretty vibrant case! I love everything rose gold so I had to include this one. Pop socket: $15.00. [Pop socket linked]

I also love this donut one because I think the sprinkles really stand out and would be a great addition to any phone! Pop socket: $10.00. [Pop socket linked]

9. Purse

I love getting new purses, and this one from BCBG is so fun! It has a easy snap closure and over the shoulder purses are my favorite. Purse: $68.00. [Purse linked]

10. Jacket

It's always fun to get a nice item of clothing as a gift, and especially one that you would pick out for yourself but never splurge on. I love this fun leather jacket from Lulu's. Jacket: $89.00 [Jacket linked]

While this isn't a jacket, I still love this duster from Windsor Store. This is perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer months! Duster: $39.90. [Duster linked]

Well that is it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully got some ideas for gifts that you could give or maybe even receive. Until next time!

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