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The Best Cleaner for Brushes

Let me start by saying, I have tried a lot of cleaners for makeup brushes. I have tried cleaner from Sephora, MAC, baby shampoo, dish soap, and even cleaner from Target. Recently I tried Sigma's Brushampoo and it is seriously amazing. I was skeptical of it really getting even my dirtiest of brushes clean but it exceeded my expectations. There is a mix of natural virgin coconut oil and palm oil in the cleaner that really helps to break down the makeup and product build-up in your brushes. I also love using it with my Sigma brush mat for that deep clean!

Here are both products from Sigma. The brushampoo is $15.00 and the cleaning mat is $25.00. To be honest I do think that the mat is worth it because it really helps work up a lather in your brushes and I think the grooves on the mat help to massage the product out. [Cleaning mat linked in picture]

This is one of my brushes before I had cleaned it, I made sure to pick a brush that was particularly dirty so you could see the transformation!

This is the brush afterwards! It is a complete 180 difference. Seriously this stuff is the best cleaner out there! [Brushampoo linked in picture]

To clean the brushes all you have to do is saturate the brush head in water, making sure not to go past where the silver part meets the handle. Once you get water past that point, the brush will start to come apart because that is where the glue is! After your brush is damp, pump one to two pumps of the cleaner directly onto the bristles and work into a lather. Work out all the makeup and rinse thoroughly.

After the brush is rinsed, ring it out and dry the brush upside down! This will prevent water getting into the brush which will make it shed and eventually unravel. Once your brushes are completely dry, then you can store them right side up again!

Well that is it for this post, I hope you guys liked it and hopefully learned a thing or two about how to clean brushes and I hope you go out to try this cleaner because it is seriously amazing. See you in our next post!

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