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Sigma Lip Glosses

I love lip gloss, and love trying out different brands and formulas. We recently bought a few different shades of Sigma glosses in two different formulas to sell at Elle Rêve. We bought three Lip Vex shades and three Lip Eclipse shades. The two formulas are different because the Lip Vexes are more sheer and the Lip Eclipses are a fully pigmented gloss. To break that down a little bit more, the Lip Vex would be a good addition over the top of a lipstick and the Lip Eclipse is great on it's own.

From left to right: Seal of Approval, Oh Kitten, and Rosette. These glosses are $17.00 and can be purchased online or directly in store from us! To see more shades I will link the glosses in the picture.

Here are full swatches of all of the Lip Vexes from the Instagrammer: annybeeutee. I know ordering lip colors online can be tricky! From this picture we determined that we liked Tender, Tint, and Sheila best so those are the ones that we ordered. If there is one that you see that you like, we can always order it as well. These glosses are $10.00, and again I will link them in the picture so you can see them online!

I hope you liked this post, and hopefully test out these amazing glosses! Stop in today to see them :)

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