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All About Dermaplaning

For the month of February we wanted to kick it off with a brand new service that we will now be offering. And if you already guessed from the title of this post, it is dermaplaning! For those of you who don't know what dermaplaning is, it is where an esthetician takes a blade across the top layer of skin in order to exfoliate and also remove all of that peach fuzz. It is a completely painless procedure that will leave you feeling soft and renewed. Dermaplaning also helps make the skin appear brighter, younger, and more glowing.

During this process your skin will be cleansed using all organic skincare from Juice Beauty. Next once your skin is nice and dry, I will begin the dermaplaning process. The blade will be run all over the cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead, and lightly around the nose. Instantly you will see a difference in skin texture and tone. Over time and with continued treatments, you can expect increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, and reduction of acne scarring. The reason why this helps is because it is a form of exfoliation!

Not only will you love this for the brighting and anti-aging effects, when you are hair free, your products will penetrate the skin that much easier. You will also notice that makeup will look flawless and apply a lot nicer than before as well. Have you ever noticed that men's skin seems to age slower than women? One of the reasons why is because they shave their faces, exfoliation is key here. Whenever you are exfoliating the skin, you are basically telling your skin that it is time to reprogram itself. By "starting over" you are creating new skin cells and also boosting collagen.

After dermaplaning, a soothing and detoxing mask will be applied while you enjoy a hand massage. In addition, an agave lip mask will be applied to rehydrate your lips. Then the mask will be removed and I will add an antioxidant serum and moisturizer to the skin so you can truly see the results of this amazing procedure. If you still aren't convinced, watch this short video and really see how much brighter and healthier her skin looks!

I hope you enjoy this post, and hopefully will want to try this out, for the month of February it is on special for $55.00. Until next time!

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