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Favorite Pinks

In keeping with this month's pink theme, I wanted to share a post all about my favorite pink lipsticks and glosses! I gathered up all of my favorites and forgot how many that I really had. I will make sure to link them all so if you like them as much as me you can buy them too. I included close up swatches on my lips and then a shot of the lipsticks/glosses with the rest of my makeup so you could see how well they look with a whole makeup look!


This is MAC's Patent Lip Polish in the shade "Kittenish" [Lipstick linked in picture]

I like these lip products because they are almost like a gloss and a lipstick combined. They also go on really easy and aren't too intense. Price: $21.00.

This next lipstick is also from MAC (I really love their lipsticks) and it is in the shade Creme Cup. It is described as a "light blue pink" on their website. [Lipstick linked in picture]

The formula of this one is their Creamsheen formula, again it goes on super smooth and doesn't feel drying on the lips. Price: $17.00.

Another MAC shade, this one is the color Snob. I definitely think this shade would be better for fairer skin tones, not that you couldn't wear it if you are darker complected. It just depends on how intense you like your lip color to look. This is described as a "light neutral pink" and I think it has some lilac in it as well. [Lipstick linked]

One thing I do love doing with this color is layering it over another color that it slightly darker for a pop in the center of the lips. This is a Satin formula, and again I don't feel that it is too drying. Price: $17.00.

MAC again (surprise) this shade is Hot Gossip. This one is a "mid-tone pinky plum" and it is one of my favorites for Spring. [Lipstick linked]

Are you getting tired of seeing me pose yet?? This is another Creamsheen formula. Price: $17.00.

This is one of my favorites!!! It is such a fun, bright, Barbie pink. Definitely a color that is for the bold. This lipstick is Chanel in the shade La Diva, and it is a matte formula. [Lipstick linked]

I loved how the lip color was almost identical to my shirt color. The Chanel lipsticks are more expensive, this one is $37.00 but they are so pigmented that you don't need to use too much!

I wanted to make sure to add a liquid lipstick to the bunch as well. This one is one of Laura Mercier's Paint Wash Liquid Lips in the shade Petal Pink. [Lipstick linked]

I absolutely love the coverage of these, they go on and wear like a liquid lipstick but aren't drying at all. I also have the shade Nude Rose, which looks good on EVERYONE! Price: $28.00.

Lip Glosses

This first gloss is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and it is in the shade Blushing. It is from their summer lip gloss collection. The ABH lip glosses are truly some of my favorites because of their pigmentation. [Gloss linked]

You can still get this set! Price: $28.00.

This gloss is from Buxom, I have so many from them because I always seem to get the minis that they put out for Christmas! You can buy them in full size as well. This gloss is in the shade Pink Lady, it has no shimmer and it has that plumping effect on the lips. [Gloss linked]

One of the reasons why I like this gloss so much is because it's not too sheer to wear alone but sheer enough to wear over lipstick as well! Price: $20.00.

Another favorite from Buxom, this one is in the shade Berry Blast. [Gloss linked]

This one is super fun for Summer and I love to wear it alone! Price: $20.00.

Finally the last of the glosses!! This one is by NARS and it is in the shade Chelsea Girls. They don't make this specific formula anymore which actually is a good thing, because it's not fun (or sanitary) to scrape gloss out of a pot with your fingers. But they do have shimmery colors that are similar to this shade, I will link a similar one (shade Istria). [Gloss linked]

Another thing I didn't love about this formula is how tacky it felt on my lips, but the NARS lipgloss that I suggested instead is much better! Price: $26.00.

I hope you all liked this post! These are some of my favorites to write about. Let me know if you would like to see more like it! Until next time!!

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