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Pretty in Pink

Hey everyone! I am back again with another blog post about an all pink outfit that I am loving. Bodysuits are one of my favorite pieces, still... I got this whole outfit from Missguided and I wanted to share the details with all of you, check it out below!

I am just so obsessed with Missguided's clothing. This bodysuit and skirt combo looked exactly like it did online which I was so happy about! Shoes: Forever 21.

[Skirt linked in picture]

[Shoes linked in picture]

[Bodysuit linked in picture]

I got this necklace from Cooper & Co in Lincoln, NE! They have amazing items there, you definitely need to check their store out.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully it gave you some inspo for the weekend! Until next time!

#Pink #Bodysuits #MissguidedClothing #Missguided #Lace #Skirt #Forever21Style #Forever21Fashion #Forever21 #Shoes #Heels #NudeHeels

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