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More Spring Finds

I am still wearing pants and long sleeves as I type this, so you could say I am longing for Spring! Last week Cheri and I went to take some pictures of some more Spring inspired outfits for you all and I forgot the memory card to my camera 😒 So I had to use my iPhone to take all of the outfit pictures, and I hope that the quality turned out okay for you all. Anyway let's just get into the outfits!

Cheri and I love cargo green! This adorable light jacket pairs well with so many different pieces. The jacket is from Banana Republic and you can find it here. The white cami is from The Loft and you can find it here. The black joggers are from White House Black Market and they can be found here. And lastly, the shoes are Lucky Brand in the color "Brindle" and they can be found here.

This would make such a cute Sunday brunch outfit! Her top is from Banana Republic, but I could never find it online! So I will link a similar top here. Her pants are from Anthropologie, linked here. And those amazing pink heels are from Ann Taylor, they are no longer available, but there are some similar ones linked here.

This last outfit would be great for a night out with friends! The top is from Banana Republic, linked here. Her split leg pants are from White House Black Market, linked here. And the heels aren't new, but a similar pair will be linked here.

When I posted this outfit to Instagram, I got so many questions and complements about this romper! It is from Marshall's, they have such good finds sometimes and it was super cheap. Other similar rompers will be linked here and here. The booties are from last fall and they are the brand Arturo Chiang. But I will link a similar pair here.

Because I can't get enough of this bomber, and because it matched so well, I had to throw it on again! It was from Hello Ruby, and don't forget about our event with them on April 18!

I got this dress a few years back, but I can't wait to pull it out of my closet again for something this Spring. It was from Bebe and surprisingly enough they have some similar ones on their site. Linked here and here. Clutch is from Hello Ruby and the shoes are also an old pair. But I think these would be great with this dress too!

I have been obsessed with denim this season! This adorable romper is from Target, and can be found here. The crocheted duster is from last year but similar ones are linked here and here. And the shoes are from Vince Camuto, also last Summer, but similar pairs are linked here and here.

This last dress is from Express, did I say I was obsessed with denim? I got it on sale, but it must be sold out. I will link similar dresses here, here, here, and here!

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading and looking at more of our favorite Spring outfits/trends. What are you most excited to wear this Spring? Until next time!

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