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Spring Makeup Trends

Hello!! With Spring [pretty much] in full swing, I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup trends for this season. These are looks that I love and will definitely be rocking. Don't forget about our pop-up with Hello Ruby next Tuesday, April 18th. More details about that on our Facebook page! Anyway, let's get into the makeup & beauty trends.

1. Bold Lips

Luckily I had two pictures of my favorite bold lips to show! Keeping eye makeup minimal so that the lips really shine is my favorite way to rock this trend. This color is from a set off of Amazon that I will link here.

This color is such a fun vibrant hot pink with blue undertones. It is from Chanel and it is in the color La Diva. I will link it here.

2. Fresh Face

This is from a YouTube video I did a while back. But it is how I like to wear my makeup when I am going for a fresh faced look. This trend seems to be huge for the summer! And the nice thing is that the whole look will take you 5 minutes tops! I will link the tutorial here.

3. Highlighting over Contouring

Highlighting has always been a huge trend but it seems that it is emphasized even more than contouring! Highlighting give the skin such a healthy glow and also lifts areas of the face. Some of my favorite highlighters are linked here, here and here.

4. Metallics

Metallic eyes, lips, nails. You name it! Foiled shadows are in. You can also achieve this look with liquid glitter or specifically made metallic shadows. Stila has some great shadows that I will link here.

5. Braids

Now if only I could braid my hair like this!! Braids have been popping up all over lately and they are such a fun addition to add to any hairstyle.

These are just some of my favorites for Spring. Don't forget about our Spring Refresh with Hello Ruby on the 18th. We will have makeup to buy and you can also get your eyebrows shaped!! Until next time!

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