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10 Tips for Brides

With Wedding Season in full swing, I wanted to write a post for all of my brides out there. I am sure this is a stressful time, not that I can speak from experience or anything, but I can imagine. Now I am no expert, but these tips regarding makeup and looking your absolute best on your special day come from multiple different wedding parties and brides that I have worked with. I think it is paramount that your day go as smooth as possible and making sure that you look as beautiful as you want as well!

1. Schedule a Makeup Trial for your wedding at least 3 months prior to your wedding day

You want to look your absolute best on your day and I require all brides to schedule a makeup trial with me before I will take on their wedding party. You want to make sure that you will like your final look and will be entirely happy with the results.

2. Don't be afraid to tell your makeup artist if you don't like something

I would way rather have my clients tell me that they don't like something and have me fix it during their trial than take a lot of extra time the day of to change things. I know it can be hard to want to speak up because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but it truly doesn't hurt my feelings because I want you to be happy!

3. Letting the makeup artist know how many people will be in your bridal party

I love when my brides are able to tell me as soon as possible how many people will be in their bridal party and if they will be getting makeup done or not. It helps me to get an idea if I need to bring someone else to help me with makeup, how many supplies I need to order, and I can create a schedule for the day so everything goes as smooth as possible.

4. Letting the makeup artist know what time you want them there the day of

I know that getting up early sucks. But if you need to be ready at 12 and you have a large bridal party, don't expect to block out only an hour or two to get everyone ready. Most early weddings that I have done, we start at 7 or 8 am. You probably won't even realize if you are tired because you will be so excited!

5. Picking out one color for all of your bridesmaids to wear for lipstick

If it is at all possible, I suggest picking out one to two lip colors for all of your bridesmaids to buy and wear for your wedding. It is nice to be able to have the colors because through an entire day of drinking, eating, and talking, lipstick is bound to wear off. You will want all of your pictures to look great, especially the posed ones! And it looks so much better when everyone is coordinated rather than having one bridesmaid in bright red, one with nothing one, and so on.

6. Paying for your makeup before your wedding day

Last weekend I did a wedding where everyone paid prior to the day of. It was a lot easier for me to keep on track and keep moving from one girl to the next instead of chasing people down for money at the end of a wedding morning. Plus it will save you and your bridal party time the day of too! Essentially it is one less thing to worry about, but not completely necessary to do.

7. Making sure to take care of your skin a few months before the wedding

To try and avoid breakouts before your wedding day it is imperative to take care of your skin before your wedding day. That means no sleeping in makeup, washing your face daily, and even getting monthly facials three months before the big day could help. While facials aren't entirely necessary, brides who don't mind spending the extra money to make sure their skin looks good are doing it right. You will look so much more hydrated and healthy the day of your wedding if you are prepping your skin correctly.

8. Deciding on whether you want false lashes or eyelash extensions for your wedding

While eyelash extensions aren't necessary, they are nice to have for your wedding because you will be able to keep your lashes looking on point for your honeymoon. But some clients can't imagine lying on a bed for two hours to get the lashes, or would just rather have strip lashes the day of. Either way I recommend doing some type of lashes for your wedding because they will just enhance your natural beauty and they will look great in all of your pictures.

9. Deciding whether you want airbrush or traditional foundation

Airbrush makeup and traditional foundation are two completely different ways of applying foundation. Airbrush makeup is great for those who truly need a full coverage look. It is great for those with acne, or acne scarring. But I personally prefer traditional foundation because it doesn't look as heavy. Now most brides want airbrush foundation, so I am more than willing to try both types of foundations for my brides before their day so they can determine which will be best for them.

10. Suggesting your mother and mother of the groom get their makeup done too

This is just another way that your mother and mother of the groom can feel special and included on your big day. They will be in a lot of pictures too and will want to look their absolute best. Not to mention it will alleviate some of the getting ready burdens for them so they don't have to worry about it. It is also nice because they will get an updated makeup look that will have them feeling their most beautiful.

Like I said, I am no expert! These are just things that have worked for me in the past and things I implement with my brides. I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!

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