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Dresses for Every Occasion

Hello! I'm back with more clothes from Chocolate Peacock and hello ruby! With weddings, graduations, parties, and more it always seems like we need dresses this time of year. I wanted to share with you what we styled and hopefully you can find a fit for some of these items in your wardrobe!

Loving this split front maxi, this is perfect for a summer afternoon graduation party or casual day running errands. Dress is Chocolate Peacock, bralette is from Aerie, and the shoes are Michael Kors. Bralette linked here, and shoes linked here.

I had to show the dress off from this angle as well, because I love the style!

Another grey dress, surprise surprise. This dress is super comfortable and can be dressed up for any occasion! I love the open shoulder and lace up detail.

This dress is also from Chocolate Peacock.

This was probably my favorite dress that I tried on! I loved the suede feel, but the dress itself was very lightweight. The shoes are from Steve Madden and the dress is once again, Chocolate Peacock.

Similar shoes linked here.

I also loved these earring! The leather mixed with the metal is such a unique touch. The earrings are from Chocolate Peacock.

This dress is also from Chocolate Peacock and it reminded me of the perfect dress to wear for a summer wedding, or a graduation ceremony.

While this style is a little more casual, I think it would be perfect for graduation parties. It would also be great for a summer baseball game! Dress is from hello ruby. Linked here.

Lastly I loved this wrap dress from hello ruby! It would be perfect for a wedding.

Dress linked here. Similar shoes linked here.

Once again if you liked any of the items from Chocolate Peacock, you can contact her at to inquire about any of the items. Shop hello ruby on her website, or stop by her truck events! We hope you enjoyed this post and until next time!

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