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Holiday Gift List: Beauty Products

Our first Christmas list went over so well that I wanted to include another, but this time just with beauty products. This was a hard one for me to make, because I feel like there are so many beauty related products that I love and recommend. I tried my best to narrow it down, so here are my top ten favorites that would also make great gifts.

1. An amazing hair brush

I first found out about the Tangle Teezer from Lauren Curtis (beauty blogger from Australia) and when I got mine, I have used it ever since. I love this because my hair gets really tangled and this eliminates tangles without pulling on your hair or ripping out your hair. I especially like it for when I get out of the shower and my hair is wet. Price: $15.00 [Tangle Teezer linked]

2. Perfume

I always love to get new perfume because it is the one thing I never really buy, so it seems like such a treat when I do get it. This one from Chanel is one of my favorites. I know buying perfume for others can be tricky but you can't really go wrong with the Chance line from Chanel. Price: $78.00 for 1.7 oz. [Perfume linked]

3. Lip Collection from MAC

I always love when makeup lines start to put out their holiday collections because it is a good way to try a few products at a little bit lower of a price point. This one from MAC is a great one because it comes with a lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, and a travel bag to put it all in. This set also comes in a red lip, but I personally have tried this nude set and prefer it. Price: $39.50. [Lip set linked]

4. Laura Mercier Body Set

This is my favorite scent from Laura Mercier and it is in the scent Ambre Vanille. This set comes with a full size body butter, a travel size body butter, and a travel size body wash. I always think it's fun to get a lotion around Christmas time to throw in my purse for when my hands get super dry. Price: $35.00. [Set linked]

5. Eyeshadow Palette

I just want you to all take in the beauty of this palette. There are 18 shades in total: 4 crystal shades, 9 matte shades, 3 metallic shades, and 2 duo-chrome shades. I have never tried this palette, but I have been dying to get my hands on it. You may ask, "why haven't you?" Well, the only drawback of this palette is the price. Price: $169.00. I have been reading reviews and so far they all seem to be raving about this palette, I'm just not sure I want to shell out the dough. It might make a good gift ;) [Palette linked]

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking I am crazy for that last palette so I wanted to include one that is more affordable. This one is from Urban Decay and it makes for a great palette for those who like all matte shades. This is THE ultimate basics collection (like it's name) so it works well for day or night looks. Price: $54.00. [Palette linked]

6. Brush Care Kit

I have recommended the Sigma cleaning mat for your brushes on multiple occasions and it really does work wonders for your brushes. I love this set because it comes with Sigma's brush shampoo, and a drying tower that has a removable center that it essentially the same thing as the brush mat, just wrapped around the tower. Then when you are done washing your brushes just slide them in to dry. Price: $35.00. [Set linked]

7. Brush Kit

I recommend the Sigma brushes to every client because I truly do believe they are the best that I have tried. They have so many different sets but if you are just starting out, I think it is essential to have a good brush set for your eye makeup. This one is great because it comes with 7 brushes: an eye liner brush, pencil brush, tapered blending brush for the crease, a lid brush, a fluffy brush for the crease, an angled brush, and a large shader for the whole lid. Price: $77.00. [Brushes linked]

8. Curling Iron

My favorite styling irons have to be the Hot Tools brand. I curl my hair more often than not and use this one to create all of the different styles. I have a 1-1/4" curling iron that makes the curls hold well but they aren't too tight. This just makes such a nice gift for those who are wanting a curling iron that is easy to work with and won't be too harsh on the hair. Price: $29.36 from Amazon. [Curling iron linked]

9. Lip Color Set

I love this lip set from Tarte. It is nice that each color comes with a corresponding lip liner. Matte lips are one of the biggest trends from this year and this set is a mix of permanent and limited edition shades. I love the formula of these because they are matte, but still stay creamy and aren't too drying on your lips. Price: $46.00. [Lip set linked]

10. Beauty Subscription

This picture says it all. There are so many different kinds of subscription services: Ipsy, Birchbox, etc. But the reason I like the Play by Sephora one is because you are getting deluxe sized samples from recognizable brands. Plus the bags are the cutest ones I have seen. Price: $10.00 per month [Subscription linked]

11. Bonus Item!! - Makeup Bag

Now that you have all these makeup ideas, you will need somewhere to put all of the makeup! I love these bags from Sephora. They have cute sayings on them and can fit a decent amount. Price: $26.00. [Bag linked]

I hope you like all of these gift suggestions, and again if you need help shopping we are here to be your elves. Happy Shopping!

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