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30 Minute Medicine Ball Circuit

I haven't shared an exercise blog in some time, and I wanted to share for those of you who like to exercise at home! Or maybe you are an overachiever and come to class, but want to also do more outside of class.

Medicine Ball Push Up to Plank – do 5 to 10 push ups with hands on top of the medicine ball then extend arms and hold plank for 30 seconds. For added challenge have a narrow stance.

Medicine Ball Sit Ups - lay supine with knees flexed in a tabletop position. Lay medicine ball on shins with hands behind the head and flex off the mat. Do the sit ups for 45 seconds.

Medicine Ball Bridge - lay supine, knees flexed with medicine ball between thighs. Squeeze medicine ball and bridge up. Lower back to mat and repeat for 45 seconds.

Front Cross Body Lunge with Medicine Ball - Start standing with feet close together, step to the right and squat bringing medicine ball to the ground. Then lunge to the left in front of the left leg, reach medicine ball to the ground. Repeat on Right leg for 45 seconds then Left Leg for 45 seconds.

For this circuit you will perform each bolded exercise for 45 seconds and you can repeat the whole circuit 3-4 times! You will be feeling it at the end.

Don't worry, we won't judge if you need to reward yourself after 😉 Enjoy this workout, let us know if you tried it and liked it! Until next time!

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