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Product Pick of the Week

I was thinking of new blog post ideas, and this one came to mind because I feel like a lot of people don't know about the magic that is MAC's Fix+ Spray. There are so many ways to use this product! So if you are wanting to know more about this spray, what it is, and what it does then keep on reading!!

This product is from MAC and it is amazing. According to their website, it is a lightweight water mist packed with vitamins and minerals. It has a mixture of green tea, chamomile and cucumber inside, and it instantly refreshes the skin while boosting hydration. It retails for $23.00 and it is linked in the picture above. I want to tell you all about the 5 different ways that I use this product, and how you can incorporate it into your daily makeup routine as well.

1. Use before foundation

For those of us with drier skin, or all of us during the winter months, our skin could use a boost of hydration. We especially need it before our foundation. I love to spray this all over my face after primer and before foundation to really give the skin a good prep for the makeup we apply after. I also feel like this really boosts the radiance of my skin and helps my foundation to not settle throughout the day.

2. Use to make loose eyeshadows more metallic and pigmented

I love doing this with my loose pigments from MAC, especially for nighttime looks. This is also great for pressed eyeshadows that you want to make more vibrant as well. The spray really helps them adhere to your eyes and make them stand out. To do this, first apply the shadow to your brush, then spray the brush once or twice and then apply directly to the eyes. This also helps a lot with fall out. I notice that I tend to have a lot less fall out when I do this method.

3. Use to make eyeshadow into eyeliner

Just as the Fix+ makes eyeshadows more vibrant, it works great to use with eyeshadows to make eyeliner. For example, if you don't want an intense liner, you could use the Fix+ to make a softer colored eyeshadow into a liner. Essentially the Fix+ just really brings out the true pigment in the shadow and makes it stand out more for the eyes. I sometimes prefer this way to an eyeliner pencil though because I feel like it is easier to control my eyeliner with a brush. This is also great if you have a favorite eyeshadow for the eyes and want to use it as an eyeliner but can't find a liner in that shade! Well just use your Fix+ to make the liner!!Use an angled brush, spray the brush, dip it into the product and sweep over the eyes.

4. Use as a makeup refresher throughout the day

The Fix+ can also be used to give your makeup a refresher throughout the day. If you feel like your makeup is starting to settle or your skin is looking dry, the Fix+ can really help rehydrate your skin and make your makeup look a little fresher. I know there are some people that like to do this after they have been traveling all day, or if you work in an office and need to meet someone for a drink after work. I like to spray Fix+, touch my makeup up a bit and then I feel like it looks just as good as it did when I first did it in the morning.

5. Use as a setting spray

The last way that I use Fix+ is as a setting spray for all of my makeup. I think that it works great to lock in my look and I know I have said it, but give me the hydrated look that I love. I feel like setting my face with a spray is a key step in my routine and I really do think that it works on my skin to help my makeup last.

Well that is it for this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed it and hopefully learned something new! See you in the next post!

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